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Lifestyle : Engines

Our Director’s passion for engines has further strengthened the propensity of the Regina Palace Hotel to host car rallies and Concours of Elegance.
Due to its charm and architecture, the Regina Palace Hotel has hosted several of these events. Cars of different eras and various models are regularly exhibited on the lakeside park at the end of their paths to delight the eyes of passers-by, collectors, and those who have never approached this passion.

The surrounding paths are ideal for the enjoyment of pilots: you can in fact start from Stresa to reach the Mottarone, or other lakes such as Mergozzo and Orta.
Excursions all different from each other and unforgettable.
We can therefore confirm that the Regina Palace is the perfect place for this kind of events.
Below you will find ideas for organizing your trip: 2fast4you

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